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Investment Strategies

Core/Core-Plus (Long-Term Hold Period)

Our core/core-plus investment strategy is focused on achieving attractive cash-on-cash returns by acquiring stabilized, lower-risk profile assets. This investment strategy is driven by the confluence of attractive financing terms currently available and the ability to acquire stable cash-flowing assets at a basis below replacement cost. While current return is paramount, we are seeking investments that also offer long-term growth prospects and provide additional upside over the mid-to-long term. Click Here for additional detail on sample investments.

Value-Add (Opportunistic Hold Period)

Our value-add investment strategy is focused on achieving high stabilized cash-on-cash and overall returns while protecting downside during stabilization. This investment philosophy focuses on buying out-of-favor, un-stabilized, and distressed assets at a basis that is well below replacement cost. Target assets must have excellent long-term potential and provide immediate opportunities to add value at the property-level. These type of investments may require capital investments in the near-term and may generate minimal cash flow in the short-term, but should generate attractive yields once fully stabilized. Returns will be maximized by either refinancing with long-term debt and returning a significant portion of equity to investors, or exiting the investment. Click Here for additional detail on sample investments.

Covered Land Play (Long-Term Hold Period)

As with our core/core-plus strategy, our long-term “covered land play” investment strategy is focused on achieving moderate cash-on-cash returns in the near- to medium-term, with limited downside, yet significant upside potential. These investments are predicated on the assumption that these sites may be prime candidates for redevelopment in a future real estate bull market. However, this strategy is less risky than acquiring raw land, as the existing improvements generate cash flow that covers carrying costs and provides a modest, secure return to investors in the interim. Assemblages of adjacent properties during the hold period will be of primary focus to further maximize upside at exit. Click Here for additional detail on sample investments.